Join us in August 2023 as we ride across Britain to see 'the biggest cycling event ever' - the first ever multi-discipline World Cycling Championships. 

Through the ride we will raise funds, to enable children and young people in Malawi to complete their education and fulfil their potential.

While this is a demanding adventure, we aim for the ride to be as inclusive and enjoyable. Whether you enter on your own, with friends, colleagues or family, we will make you welcome and ensure that everyone feels safe and able to enjoy the trip.

Important note: this event is in the planning stages and will not be fully confirmed until early 2023. We need riders and volunteers in order to make it possible. Please complete the form here if you are interested in getting involved, and share this page with anyone you know who might be keen.

Our route


Our exact route of 450+ miles will be finalised in early 2023. It will likely take us near or through the beautiful scenery of the the Chiltern Hills, the Pennines, the Lake District and the Scottish Borders, before our arrival in Glasgow.


When is it?


We plan to depart on Sunday 6 August 2023, and aim to ride 80-100 miles per day for five days in order to reach Glasgow on around 10 August. This will allow us to catch the final three days of the world championships. Road, track, mountain biking and BMX finals are all taking place on these days.


Why join us?


In August 2023, what is being billed as ‘the biggest cycling event ever’ will take place in Glasgow. It will include World Championships for road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking and BMX among other events. Our ride will be a unique chance to travel to this celebration of cycling in the most fitting way possible - on two wheels.


By joining our ride, volunteering with its organisation or sponsoring a rider, you can make a big difference to the future of children in one of the world’s poorest countries. Think Malawi have a large number of projects in need of funding, and a shortage of funds to make them happen.

Who are we?

Think Malawi is a small UK-registered charity which supports education projects in Malawi. We work with a number of Malawian partner organisations, who listen closely to their communities in identifying needs and developing projects to address them.


Steve McInerny, founder and a trustee of the charity, is the main organiser of the ride. He has organised sponsored rides for the charity twice before. In 2004-5 he was part of a small team of hardy riders who rode from Cairo to Cape Town, via Malawi, where the seeds were sown for the founding of the charity.


How will it all work?


To give us maximum freedom, the ride will be unsupported. This means that we will carry our clothes and equipment with us, so will ride with panniers or other storage attached to our bicycles. We aim to arrange for any luggage needed by the riders after their arrival to be transported to Glasgow. 

Get involved or find out more

Please complete this short form in order to register your interest in the ride, and find out more. We will keep you updated and enable you to contact others who are involved.


It’s still early days, so if you get involved now you can help to shape the ride - we’d love to hear your ideas. 


If you aren’t able to join the full ride, then it may be possible to join part of it and we also need volunteers to help with its organisation.

More ways to help


We welcome any offers of advice, places to stay, publicity, equipment or sponsorship. If you can help with any of these then please get in touch via our Contact page.


Important note: this event is in the planning stages and will not be fully confirmed until early 2023. We need riders and volunteers in order to make it possible, so please complete the form here if you are interested in getting involved.

We will ride in small groups of up to 8 riders, with each group having a ride leader.


We will stay in B&Bs, youth hostels and good value hotels.


We will ask riders to raise money for Think Malawi through sponsorship. The exact amount is yet to be decided but we aim to make it achievable, and can provide advice and support on how to raise it.


We can provide advice on bikes, equipment, safety and training for the ride. A bike with drop handlebars is strongly recommended - please contact us if you would like to ride with any other type of bike.


By the time of the ride you need to be confident riding in groups on the road, including on stretches of main road if necessary. You should be used to riding 50+ miles in a day, and to have ridden 70+ miles at least once in preparation for the ride.


If you are not currently a regular rider, this will mean that you need to start preparing at least a few months before the ride.


Depending on the number of riders who sign up, we can set up faster and slower groups, in order to have evenly paced riders in each group.


Riders will pay their own expenses, so that all sponsorship money and Gift Aid received will go to Think Malawi and its projects. The charity is run entirely by volunteers, meaning that over 90% of our income goes direct to the projects in Malawi which we support.


We also seek sponsorship from businesses, and can help to promote these businesses during the event.

If you have any questions, please email