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Submit a project for us to fund! | Now closed

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Our aim at Think Malawi is to remove barriers to education for communities in Malawi and create the maximum impact in doing this. We are pleased to announce that later this year, we will be supporting up to two Malawi-based organisations with a grant of up to £3,000, for projects focused on improving education in Malawi.

We invite applications for this grant funding, the deadline for applications is Monday 12th September.

As with previous years, applications must be focussed on one of the following themes:

1. Removing barriers to education for girls

Potential project areas of focus:

  • Support for girls, particularly those in the older classes where many girls drop out of education

  • Girls reproductive health projects where they directly relate to improving attendance or results at school

2. Improving results

Potential project areas of focus:

  • Improved access to learning materials

  • Classroom equipment (such as desks)

  • Lighting (to enable homework and revision classes)

  • Technology

  • We also welcome applications for project types which will improve educational results for primary or secondary school learners. We particularly encourage projects for secondary schools.

  • Projects relating to nutrition will be considered, though feeding programmes may not be prioritised as other NGOs such as Mary’s Meals are able to support these at scale. We believe that this scale is likely to give better value and financial sustainability than small-scale projects.

  • Support for parents groups or after school/revision clubs

Further details, including how to apply are contained on our Grants page:

If you have any questions please contact

Our support for educational projects, which help children in Malawi to fulfill their potential, is made possible by our regular donors. Please consider becoming a regular donor yourself, and join our community.

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