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Meet our Trustee: Joanna Whitney

Last year, we welcomed Joanna Whitney to the Board as our Marketing Trustee.

We recently spoke to her to find out why she joined Think Malawi.

Joanna, firstly can you tell us why you're passionate about education?

I believe it is the silver bullet when it comes to lifting women out of poverty. And if you can lift women out of poverty, they will lift everybody else with them.

Research by the World Bank has shown that the return on one year of secondary education for a girl correlates with as high as a 25% increase in her wages later in life. The effects also carry from one generation to the next as educated girls have fewer, healthier and better educated children.

We couldn't agree more. So what drew you to Think Malawi?

I was drawn to volunteering with Think Malawi as I really wanted to get involved in a small charity that punches above its weight in terms of its impact, and I thought that my skills could be beneficial in helping them to do that.

What do you hope to accomplish at Think Malawi?

I'm hoping that I will be able to help to raise Think Malawi's profile and bring in more regular donors so that we can help more children in Malawi to stay in school.

So far I have recruited Daliso Chaponda as an Ambassador and launched Think Malawi Together, our exclusive new club for regular donors.

That's fantastic! So before we go, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I live in a small village near Tunbridge Wells in Kent with my two teenage children and a pampered cat. I've worked in PR and Marketing for over 20 years, and in a range of different sectors including education, tech and sport - I worked on the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and Manchester United FC not too long ago! My son wasn't very happy as he's a die hard Liverpool FC fan!


Our support for educational projects, which help children in Malawi to fulfill their potential, is made possible by our regular donors. Please consider becoming a regular donor yourself, and join our community.

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