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Reopening Malawi schools: Ganet's Adventure School COVID-19 update

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

In Malawi, primary schools were only allowing standard 8 classes to attend school in person, to complete their studies and PSLCE exams in order to enter secondary school.

At Ganet’s Adventure School, there were eight boys and eight girls in standard 8 who were studying at school. The PSLCE exams took place between 30th September – 2nd October. Other classes will return to school once the PSLCE exams are completed.

Ganet’s Adventure School has taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, with leaders of the school implementing guidelines for the students to follow to prohibit the spread of the virus on campus. The school was visited by inspectors earlier this year, and we're happy to announce that the school scored number 1 for its coronavirus preparations!

Ganet’s Adventure School plans to open its doors to 100 students initially, with a reduced capacity of 160 children the rest of the year.

There will be one student per desk (not two), with all students practicing social distancing of 1 metre and no more than 20 learners per class. Dormitory capacity has been reduced to 20 children.

Older children will wear masks at school, with teachers wearing masks and gloves. To make sure each student has a good mask, the school received government training on how to create masks three layers thick.

Handwashing stations are now located outside each classroom, near toilets and elsewhere on the school campus.

Standard 8 learners took their district mock exams at Ganet’s Adventure School, instead of at another school.

In government schools with large classes (up to 100 children), each class will be split into two groups who attend class in two shifts, which will cause significant disruption for children, teachers and parents.

Funds donated by our supporters in our coronavirus crowdfunding campaign earlier in the year are being used to provide handwashing facilities, as well as help the school financially as it copes with a reduced enrolment. Thank you all for your donations!

Think Malawi continues to work closely with Ganet’s Adventure School as it transitions to becoming financially independent of the charity, which will happen after the end of 2020. Full details about these plans are here.


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