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  • Helen Beeby

Construction in the blink of an eye! An update on HEM Umodzi

Following our recent crowdfunding and announced support with Malawi organisation, Umodzi Youth Organisation, we’re delighted to provide an update on the developments made over the last few months.

The team has certainly come on leaps and bounds with the foundations of the planned changing room construction really starting to take shape - in fact they are already completed and will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Thank you to the team in Malawi for working tirelessly to achieve such an accomplishment, and so quickly!

We’re also proud to share some updates on the distribution of the sanitary pads that started being produced in the early stages of the project. Our work with UYO is helping hundreds of girls in Kapeni, by providing them with the necessary sanitary products to remain in school during their menstruation cycle. All 2,800 sanitary pads that were planned to be produced have now been made and are already on their way to girls around the area.

You can also hear from the team at UYO in this video:

We’re excited to see our work already making such a difference to the community, and like you, we can’t wait to see what’s next. Sign up to our newsletter for keep updated with the latest news from the team.


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