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Her Education Matters fundraising: you've beaten our target!

We're pleased to report that with your help we have beaten our funding target for our project with our partner charity, African Vision! These monies that we've raised together will help us to ...

  1. Provide kits with reusable sanitary protection for Standard 5 to 8 girls at 6 schools

  2. Fund the Education Manager, Wezie Gwaluka, who is playing a key role in the success of this project including ...

  3. Coordinating training and equipping of Mothers who are now competent in using patterns and using a sewing machine to make the reusable pads.

  4. Wezie is also liaising with the headteachers of the schools to arrange for washrooms to be built for the senior girls.

Thank you for your support which has made all of this possible. We'd also like to thank Ashley Smith and Matt Huang for help with digital marketing and Dr Clare Goodhart and Tia McCready who gave us their support on our Crowdfunder page. Both Matt and Ashley have been abroad during the campaign, but again digital technology brought us together.

Her Education Matters – Why is this needed?

Access to resources to manage their periods will help girls at 6 schools, to attend school each day of the month and to not miss one week of their education each month.

Some of the girls shared their aspirations with us ...

  • Tiyesere and Anesi need the education to train for nursing.

  • Brenda will need to pass the Primary School Leaving Certificate, PSLCE, she has the ambition to be a nurse.

  • Mtisunge says 'she needs to attend all her lessons so she can do better in class and go she can train as an accountant'.

Wezia is joined by one of the three female teachers at M’Teza school as she presents the first training session with senior girls and distributes kits including pads, pants and soap.

That this is a global problem, even here in the UK, was well publicised during Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28th of May this year. We are encouraged that Penny Mordaunt, MP has been able to put in place projects with Dfid, to support girls and women throughout the world.

We are still working with African Vision to ensure that the project is implemented successfully. But that is not all -- our trustee Asif raised over £500 by completing a triathlon, and this was match funded by one of our generous donors.

Other donations, and importantly reclaiming Gift Aid, mean that we are currently discussing with African Vision how at least a further £2000 can be used by the project. There are a further 11 schools in need of senior girls’ washrooms and we are told that the schools would like to extend the project to Standard 4 as well as Standards 5 to 8.

We're also pleased to be raising funds with some of our partners including, being a part of Active August for employees at Chief Nation. Thank you to all of our partners and supporters for helping to make this project happen!


Our support for educational projects, which help children in Malawi to fulfill their potential, is made possible by our regular donors. Please consider becoming a regular donor yourself, and join our community.

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